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At Caring Hands Senior Home, we are more than just a caregiving facility.  We believe in the tremendous value of our elders, we believe in growth through generational connection, and we believe in honoring persons through holistic individualized care. Our vision is care for the whole being.  Together, we are a home, a family, a community, and it is not lost on us that while we strive to enrich the lives of our elders, we, in turn, gain the opportunity for our own lives to be deepened.  Therefore, it is easy for us to say that we are more than simply a caregiving facility.


With over 10 years of experience, we have tailored our home to promote the optimal degree of autonomy and independence.  At Caring Hands Senior Home we offer personalized and compassionate medical care to support all aspects of each person’s care needs. With an industry leading caregiver to resident ratio of 1 to 5, your loved one will receive exceptional and personalized care that is unmatched by assisted living systems and institutionalized long-term care facilities.  Our home has 5 private rooms, which not only makes this a real home, but enables us to provide your loved one with exceptional comfort while professionally meeting individual care needs.   


We recognize that health is more than just physical; it is emotional, social and spiritual.  As we age, our roles may change, however our value in the world does not.  To care only for the body, (conventional medicine) can deprive a person of their human self-worth and dignity.  Rather, caring for the whole person; body, soul and spirit, has the potential to elevate a person’s wellbeing. Throughout every person’s existence we face questions of meaning and purpose and our hope is to support that journey rather than overlook it. We know that people, can, and do live fulfilled lives, despite hardship, illness, and/or changes in ability; which is why a focus on the "whole person" is fully integrated within our caregiving approach.  


This approach of respect for a person’s individual dignity and self-worth enables us to provide best practice of care.  This individualized care, unique to each person includes: 

  • Warm home-like atmosphere with relational, friendly and compassionate staff

  • Emotional support to residents and family members

  • On-site spiritual support to residents and family members

  • Social group and personal activities to promote social connectivity


See for yourself...


We promise to always lend a loving and caring hand, and our hope is that we can make Caring Hands Senior Home be a genuine home for your loved one; a space to experience peace, worth and comfort. Please contact us today to schedule your personal tour of Caring Hands Senior Home and find out how we can help. 

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We are situated in Wessex Square Neighborhood in South Charlotte

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